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10 Jahre Laservital

Ganzkörper mit Gesicht & Hals nur 125€ Statt 499€

Ganzkörper ohne Gesicht nur 95€ Statt 390€

Sommerangebot nur 85€* Statt 293€ 

(Beine, Bikini-Intim, Po, Pofalte und Achsel)

NEW: the sensation in the field of permanent hair removal in Vienna –the DIODE LASER


The most effective and best service so far for permanent hair removal on the market.

Unwanted hair, whether on the legs, chest or back, can be removed quickly and painlessly with the latest laser technology.

We work with the most effective laser for permanent hair removal worldwide. The best results are achieved with approx. 9-10 treatments at intervals of 4 weeks.


The new thing about this system is that it is suitable for ALL hair and skin types.

No matter whether you are very light or very dark, whether you come from a solarium or you have very fair hair.

Until now, you had to be careful when you were in the sun so that there was no pigmentation.

This is now in the past.

The diode laser is able to perform under all these circumstances to achieve great results. Unlike previous systems the diode laser also completely painless in use.


The results are clearly much earlier than with previous systems and are permanent & sustainable.

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