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The method for smoking cessation in Laser Vital

The body releases happiness hormones when smoking. These occupy receptors in the brain and cause the release of other neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. This leads to the rewarding effect of smoking. Since the brain is led to believe that endorphins are always present, the natural production of endorphins is practically stopped, and nicotine takes over the task of the endorphins.

Regular smokers know the problem:

If the body suddenly stops getting nicotine, it reacts with withdrawal symptoms. These range from slight restlessness and headaches to irritability, nervousness, aggressiveness, quarrelsomeness and dejection to severe sleep disorders and sweating. These occur most strongly in the first days without nicotine.

We can help you with realizing your wish to quit smoking quickly.

The soft laser method uses the knowledge of acupuncture. This is known from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as well as from massage (energy lines). With the soft-laser method, the body's own endorphin productionis stimulated and reactivated. As a result, the need for nicotine is greatly reduced. Therefore, the withdrawal symptoms are reduced, as is the craving for the cigarette.


By stimulating certain points, the appetite can also be curbed at the same time, thus preventing the dreaded weight gain after quitting smoking. 

The soft laser method is absolutely painless and pleasant. Moreover, the effect is immediate. It is currently the method with the best chances of success (the success rate is over 80%).

The therapy takes about 1 ½ hours and is usually only necessary once.

Our guarantee: Every customer can repeat the treatment for free in case of relapse. Since the effect of the treatment increases with repetition, it may also be useful, to repeat it several times. From the second on we offer special prices.

The soft laser therapy is a tool for smoking cessation. It is not a curative treatment and there is no promise of cure.

The therapy consists of a detailed consultation and the subsequent laser therapy. At the end of the therapy session there are various tips to help you during the first period after having stopped smoking.

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